MentalRadio and Optimysticals been here since the beginning of time, secretly unleashing beams of feel-good impulses and buoyant optimism whenever needed. Until now, the Elders of Mental Control – following the governing Doctrines of MentalRadio – have released only finite bundles of optimism in carefully calibrated doses some experts incorrectly exaggerated as: “oodles.”

2020 changes everything. As was foretold by Nostradamas, who, in his book Les Prophéties, predicted, “following a pandemonium, there will the dawning of a time of perfect vision.”

The MentalRadio website and these recordings will reveal everything you need to know in Widescreen, 3D Surround Sound, a movie in Chapters that play in your head with an original soundtrack, and a dimension that opens up between your ears.

MentalRadio presents all this with genetically altered humor, and the ancient principle of Time-Released Mirth.

Time-Released Mirth is not technically humor. It may not make you laugh or even smile, but later, for reasons you might not understand, you may find yourself with a smirk or an unjustifiable grin. This is normal. And it may never happen. That in itself, is funny. What scientists call Humorless Humor.

Then too, when you least expect it, you may be seized with a sense of Spontaneous Optimism, followed by Cloud Nine Euphoria, and what eastern religions call “The 7th Heaven of Tickled Pink.” This elevated state will be accompanied by a funny feeling that everything is going to be okay.

MentalRadio reveals a secret worldwide society founded by Nikola Tesla dedicated to helping mankind based on Wireless Energy Transfer through the use of magnetic fields also called Power Beaming. Look it up.

Tesla originally conceived of Wireless Energy Transfer as a principle for radio waves, microwaves, infrared and light waves, and quickly realized that since everything in the Universe was vibrating at a particular frequency, the principles were also consistent with thoughts, feelings, and the subconscious.

As such, Telepathy was real, Mental Control was vital, and Mental Lubrication could trigger Arousal Waves awakening higher states of consciousness and a happier life.

Such radical thinking was unacceptable in 1893, and like DaVinci embracing mirror writing to hide his scientific ideas from the powerful Roman Catholic Church, Tesla created this underground society with principles based on a search for wisdom and essential Doctrines of Mentology.

These doctrines revolved around this belief: In an unlimited universe, there are limitless possibilities, and the sheer limitlessness of possibilities, guarantees limitless solutions to every impossible problem. His worldwide collaborators, who included Albert Einstein and American author Upton Sinclair, came to be known as “Optimysticals,” a name Tesla believed he created. He was wrong.

Archaeologists in India have recently uncovered scrolls in catacombs beneath a 4,000-year-old Shiva Temple confirming that enlightened masters, great sages called “Optimysticals” and “Knowitalls," have been with us since the dawn of creation. But that’s just part of the story….


Chapter Five: Luck

What does Optimism sound like? Meet Vuja De, the one who knows something good is about to have happened. She knows how to get to the luck plane. Proof that the Art of Ricochet is real, proven by Ricochet Masters like Brownboy Love. What happens to WHYMEEZ, those victims who look for someone to blame and go mad? World updates on attacks of giant lizards, herds of goats, and blood hornets. 

Chapter Four: Dilemmas

Dixon Ticonderoga wakes up to find Dilemmas are massive bulls in an arena filled with spectators who want to bring him down. Hear the words of a six year old who is already a Black Belt in the Art of Ricochet thanks to MentalRadio training and got to Cloud Nine in the Seventh Heaven of Tickled Pink. You will learn Vocal Authority Training, how to speak with conviction whether you know anything about any topic. You'll join Guy Goode and Gabby in the darkest part of the Valley of Death, where they face a Tantrum at Devil's Anus. And how your EGO strengthens itself by complaining, and why being an Optimystical is not only necessary but is the only option.

Chapter Three: Happiness

Discover that butterflies sing "This is my lucky Day" and what Happiness is and how you might find it buried under "Yeah-Buts." Learn about how 2020 is the beginning of the Great Ascension, and the benefits of becoming a "Black Belt in the Art of Ricochet.” Watch cans of Time-Released Mirth get triggered for a release of Spontaneous Optimism. You’ll realize the Optimysticals are real and have been among us since the dawn of creation. Experience Time-Released Mirth. Find out you're better than you think and happier than you knew.

Chapter Two: Gloom

Proving MENTALRADIO is a jolt of lightning in the impending gloom, a hundred year old worldwide underground society explores the phenomenon of an all-pervasive gloom. Clearly the only answer lies in Tragic Optimism, but how many people know that? And how do we get there? This episode is the beginning.


  1. Chapter Two “No Attention Span Version” - For people with shorter attention spans - or busier schedules - this is a condensed, 10 minute version of the show in a handy, on the go Snack Pack. Listen.
  2. 90 Second Meditation - This is the meditation from within Chapter 2, separate for your listening and quick-meditation, taking you from frazzled to mellow in just 90 seconds. Listen.
  3. Inside the Amygdala - This is an actual recording of the Amygdala inside your own mind obtained through advanced Wireless Energy Transfer techniques designed by Nicola Tesla in 1893. Chilling. Listen.

Chapter One: Optimism

Is it all completely real and impossible to believe, or some kind of 21st Century Theater. Could a conspiracy for some kind of Subversive Optimism dedicated to uplifting mankind really exist? A worldwide secret organization more than a 100 years old? Discover that Spontaneous Optimism is real in Chapter One.

Shadoe Stevens' "MentalRadio" is an elevating, uplifting escape into a world all its own; a Twilight Zone of innovation and genetically-altered humor. Coming from a former Masonic Temple in Hollywood, MentalRadio reveals a secret worldwide society dedicated to helping mankind. Its a theatrical, highly produced audio experience brimming with optimism.