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Theater of the Mind is storytelling that creates vivid mental imagery, emotions, and sensations in the listener’s imagination. MentalRadio is immersive storytelling, irony, parody, and satire that uses state-of-the-art sound, voice, and music to create fast-moving storytelling that engages the imagination and invites you to participate with us, making it a collaborative experience.

It was created and produced by Shadoe Stevens, a Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, an award-winning, worldwide personality, and an innovator for radio, television, film, new media, and visual arts. Welcome to a feel-good world one reviewer called "Audio Acid and Spiritual Crack." We call it "The Blinding Smile of the Infinite Better."

MentalRadio and Optimysticals have been here since the beginning of time, secretly unleashing beams of feel-good impulses and buoyant optimism whenever needed. Until now, the Elders of Mental Control – following the governing Doctrines of MentalRadio – have released only finite bundles of optimism in carefully calibrated doses some experts incorrectly exaggerated as: “oodles.”

2020 changed everything. As was foretold by Nostradamus, who, in his book Les Prophéties, predicted, “following a pandemonium, there will the dawning of a time of perfect vision.”

The MentalRadio website and these recordings will reveal everything you need to know in Widescreen, 3D Surround Sound, a movie in Chapters that play in your head with an original soundtrack, and a dimension that opens up between your ears.

MentalRadio presents all this with genetically altered humor, and the ancient principle of Time-Released Mirth.

Time-Released Mirth is not technically humor. It may not make you laugh or even smile, but later, for reasons you might not understand, you may find yourself with a smirk or an unjustifiable grin. This is normal. And it may never happen. That in itself, is funny. What scientists call Humorless Humor.

Then too, when you least expect it, you may be seized with a sense of Spontaneous Optimism, followed by Cloud Nine Euphoria, and what eastern religions call “The 7th Heaven of Tickled Pink.” This elevated state will be accompanied by a funny feeling that everything is going to be okay.

MentalRadio reveals a secret worldwide society founded by Nikola Tesla dedicated to helping mankind based on Wireless Energy Transfer through the use of magnetic fields also called Power Beaming. Look it up.

Tesla originally conceived of Wireless Energy Transfer as a principle for radio waves, microwaves, infrared and light waves, and quickly realized that since everything in the Universe was vibrating at a particular frequency, the principles were also consistent with thoughts, feelings, and the subconscious.

As such, Telepathy was real, Mental Control was vital, and Mental Lubrication could trigger Arousal Waves awakening higher states of consciousness and a happier life.

Such radical thinking was unacceptable in 1893, and like DaVinci embracing mirror writing to hide his scientific ideas from the powerful Roman Catholic Church, Tesla created this underground society with principles based on a search for wisdom and essential Doctrines of Mentology.

These doctrines revolved around this belief: In an unlimited universe, there are limitless possibilities, and the sheer limitlessness of possibilities, guarantees limitless solutions to every impossible problem. His worldwide collaborators, who included Albert Einstein and American author Upton Sinclair, came to be known as “Optimysticals,” a name Tesla believed he created. He was wrong.

Archaeologists in India have recently uncovered scrolls in catacombs beneath a 4,000-year-old Shiva Temple confirming that enlightened masters, great sages called “Optimysticals” and “Knowitalls," have been with us since the dawn of creation. But that’s just part of the story….


Mental Radio Extra: Jim Ladd

Our friend Jim Ladd left us to join the Good Guys on the 50,000 watt Broadcast Giant in the Infinite Better. As a tribute, we'd like to share with you "One Man, one minute with the power to change your life, "The MentalRadio Minute! with Jim Ladd" These are all the episodes recorded and broadcast more than ten years ago. They were written especially for him and would never have worked with anyone else. We were huge fans and loved his work. And he was a great friend. We'll miss him.

S2: Chapter Twenty-Five: More

MightyMan is back as Darius Fullovit, the Chairman of gourmet snack food giant "Crave, “ gets bad news. Hitman Darnell Babalama failed. The partner he threw off the roof from 27 floors, hit the ground but got up. So, Fullovit brings in “The Mutilator,” 900 pound "Guano Tourniquet," a professional. In the Wayback Theater we watch a feature from more than a decade ago called, Daphne Van Horne’s “Translations for the Urban Impaired.”  And Western Hero Guy Goode heads to Decadence, where crowds of Comatose Dimwittum gather and want bring back Gripe, build Gidalots, and scream “We Want More!” Could it be the end of our Champions of the Infinite Better? Humor by any other name is just funny.

S2: Chapter Twenty-Four: Faith

Faith is often thrwarted by dogma and the paralyzing howl of dread, and Calamety Picket is alarmed by what she hears in Sunday School. But, behold, the glory of a Faith Healer with Heavenly Restoration. Visit the Wazoo Wing in the temple and hear pharmaceutical branding specialist Marilyn Croaker interviewed on NPR on "People with Things To Say," and play a game called "Drugs or Cheese?" Then, Dixon Ticonderoga has a bad day when he finds himself in a Nihilist Furniture Store with a German, a Schnauzer, and a universe that is hostile and indifferent. You will laugh until you stop.

S2: Extra - Wayback Theater - Zen and Zombie Bonanza Days

The MentalRadio Archives reach back hundreds of years… and Mentologists have unearthed something special from more than ten years ago… Shadoe and the late Sam Frees (Dr. Freeze) celebrating "Zen and Zombie Bonanza Days” and everything you need to know about not having to worry about a Zombie Apocalypse.

PLUS! An interview with an "Ascension Teacher" who was "Awakened” after an alien visition while driving an 18 wheeler, and grew two shoe sizes overnight. You'll learn about the aliens among us The Sanctioned Races, the Federation, Visitors, and the Good Guys. You'll meet Bryan de Flores.

It's not your typical episode.

S2: Extra - Wayback Theater - Stan Freberg (2011)

The MentalRadio Archives reach back hundreds of years…and researchers have unearthed something special from 2011...Shadoe Stevens and the late Sam Frees (Dr. Freeze) and an interview with their idol, the legendary Stan Freberg. He was an actor, author, comedian, musician, radio personality, advertising creative director, and one of the funniest, most creative and prolific people of all time. He came to the former Masonic Temple with his wife Hunter for a spirited conversation we're certain you'll enjoy.

S2: Chapter Twenty-Three: Joy

Experience Joys that know no end and hear the story of Gladwood Thibodeoux, the most positive man who ever lived,  who never gave up and look what happened. Guy Goode has a showdown with Twitchy "Two Gun" Barker, Nit Pickers and Cahooters, meets owner of the Bucket of Blood Saloon, Limown Souffle, and faces a Crock of Mockers. And Brock Stillwell returns in the nick of time to save Floyd Plunk on a really bad day.

S2: Chapter Twenty-Two: Hope

Dixon Ticonderoga goes to the end of the world in search of Hope only to find it in the most unusual place. Goofer Toddlemore is on trial for Thought Crimes in Judge Bakeman's Court, and this Chapter is the official debut of the epic feature, "MightyMan!" The man of Wonder first appeared in the pages of the Book of Didjuno in 1927. Is he a strange visitor from another planet or something more?

S2: Chapter Twenty-One: Angst

Experience first hand, the joys and sorrows of the rich and famous on "Malibu Beach Romance," when a Barista named Coco shows up at the home of Biff and Piper. Then, Guy Goode and Gabby wind up in Dodge City in a showdown with Twitchy "Two-Gun" Barker. You'll hear the voices in your own head, and then Gabriel Fronk gets trapped in a lion's cage at Big Cats and Critters Escape Park. Thank God for Brock Stillwell.

S2: Chapter Twenty: Dreams

Dive into the Australian Outback the day after tomorrow, where mutant followers of a grotesque creature named Darkkken head out to steal the dreams of humankind. Can two people armed with one harpoon in a turbo-charged '67 Mustang save the world from an apocalypse that would give Mad Max nightmares? Plus! Dixon Ticonderoga finds out the secrets of Cryptocurrency with unexpected consequences.

S2: Chapter Nineteen: The Brock and Dixon Beach Party That Conquered The World

With new stories sitting on the docks, Optimysticals around the world demanded something new, a deep-wash and polish. Surgical teams gathered and delivered - the best of two great features transplanted and joined mouth to mouth as a Creature from beyond time itself, "Brock and Dixon's Beach Party that Conquered the World."

S2: Chapter Eighteen: Magic

Step into a 21st century sideshow, past Abernaki, the Human Caterpillar, and meet the unparalleled Chitwell, Mental Contortionist, a lunatic and a Magician, who will bend what you think you know to feast on things impossible.Then, Guy Goode gets past the Dreads, only to be attacked by the Wymeez, victims who look for what's wrong and go mad. They’re zombies with guns. And later, a cop named Barker goes looking for a Leprechaun in a blizzard, at a bar in Maine.

S2: Chapter Seventeen: Vanity

One year mental anniversary and we’re celebrating with a brand new Chapter: Gloating and Smirking come to life looking down on Lackeys and Boot-Lickers, with minty breath and better hair. Discover how manipulated selfies give you Swagger and better sex appeal. Dixon Ticonderoga gets introduced to the power of social media, and there's a new female superhero in town with powers of an ancient civilization. Dizzying cinematic excitement, big laughs,& Pep-Fortified Optimism guaranteed. 

S2: Chapter Sixteen: Space

Find out if Infinite Space is bigger than the space between thoughts, if our minds have an operating system stuck in a 1940s newspaper bullpen, how Brock Stillwell saves the day, and how Optimysticals track the Laughter Index. "One way or another, you will be changed forever.” Dr. MIlton Oak: Nobel Laureate.

S2: Chapter Fifteen: Time

Will the SECRETS OF TIME be revealed in a game show? Do earphones protect you from Trepidation Waves and Conspiracy Theories? Can Morgan Freeman - maybe - make sense of it all? Find the answers to those and other important questions on Chapter 15 of MentalRadio - "TIME." It's Theater of the Mind on jet fuel.

S1 BONUS: Best of Season One - Part Deux

Here's the quickest way to discover what Real 3D Audio Theater is like in the 21st Century. You'll go in search of happiness and find Yeah Buts. You'll meet the Lord of the Dreads in Devil's Anus. hear Morgan Freeman give the History of Soup, find the cure for Ikky Brain and Murky Dumps, discover Hornet Sharks, go to Noah's Arc and Yaweh Village in Kentucky, and activate your dormant Tickled Pink Glands. It's Stephen Hawking in a Clown Suit and it's all free.

S1 BONUS: Best Of Season One

If you’ve never listened to MENTALRADIO, this is the perfect introduction. It’s some of our favorite moments from Season One. You’ll experience the jolt of feel-good impulses and your Tickled Pink Glands will awaken. It’s “Humor that Sticks.” Sticky humor that lodges in the brain and drips down later for delayed-onset satisfaction and sudden bursts of levity. It’s stories, sketches, features and parodies in Cinematic Audio Theater for the 21st Century: Morgan Freeman talks about the Blues, Dixon Ticonderoga looks the Devil in the Eye, Guy Goode faces the Gloom, the Reverend Apostle BG reveals the Blazin’ Glory Book of Belief, Brock Stillwell saves the day, and more. Too much fun is never enough.

S1: Chapter Twelve: Imagination

The "Season Finale" features Dixon Ticonderoga traveling through dimensions and finding Seams between them, Aliens may already be here and Guy Goode faces a giant Alien Cockroach Mother Breeder near Nightmare Hall, and if that’s not enough, Brock Stillwell may be called by the universe to save the day again and leave gifts too good to be true. Imagination is more important than Knowledge. Find out why, and hear the Fortune Fairy find a fortune for humanity that may change your life forever.

S1: Chapter Eleven: Enthusiasm

if you feel naked and tied up, at the mercy of forces too crazy to comprehend…thank God you have your sense of humor. The Reverend Apostle BG brings Noah’s Ark and Yahweh Village to 17,000 acres in Kentucky with a chance for you to invest in history. If crooks are trying to crack your safe, there’s always a chance a superhero could come crashing through the ceiling, dodge bullets, and save the day. And you’ll find out why Tennessee Williams said "Enthusiasm is the most important thing in life."

S1: Chapter Ten: Blues

When the blues appear and things get gloomy, and the blue johnnies paint a picture of the end of days, Dixon Ticonderoga finds a brighter tomorrow. Learn the Secrets to "Competitive Humility" with World Champion, Blaine LaFontaine. Hear the History of the Blues with Morgan Freeman and watch Guy Goode survive being swallowed by the Lord of the Dreads. All true. All real.  Don’t wait now.

S1: Chapter Nine: Inspiration

At last, your Hallelujah Liberation has arrived in the "Blazin’ Glory Book of Belief,” a Cookbook that comes with Miracle Anointing Oil and Barbeque Sauce at no extra charge, If you love to eat ’till you drop because grease squeezin’ butter-filled rhino burgers, stuffed with cheese are too good to resist, then come to Big Bubba’s House of Pain. Plus, you’ll discover the meaning of Gizmos. And if your life hangs in the balance because of Tick tock and Quack Quack, Horse Face and Three Fingers, and you’re surrounded by insecure sharks who bite first no matter what...don’t give up. Help is on the way.

S1: Chapter Eight: Doubt

Hear the life solutions and spiritual revelations of the Himalayan Master, Swami Gotchatubyet. Discovered by the Beastie Boys, he brings a message of great consciousness through great commerce. It's available now at all Meditation Malls and Nirvana Knick Knack Shacks. Plus, Guy Goode in the Belly of the Lord of the Dreads,  Transform your life with humorless humor in 30 minutes, guaranteed or your money back.

S1: Chapter Seven: Harmony

Hear Morgan Freeman describe what we all have in common. If your down in the dumps takes you into a manhole, will reaching out to Infinity bring BROCK STILLWELL to the rescue?  What is a "Tincture of Eponymous" and what good is a good luck charm from Machu Pichu?  Are the voices you hear, people hiding in the attic? And do they know the truth about you? Find out where the words WHATCHAMACALLITS and THIGAMAJIGS came from, how saying “Yes, and...” can help you find Harmony, and much more….it’s The Twilight Zone meets Monty Python. 

S1: Chapter Six: Dreads

Can Blood Hornets bring down Dixon Ticonderoga? Can the Lord of the Dreads eat Guy Goode and Gabby with hundreds of black and broken teeth? Find out how effervescence is better than wretchedness in the Forced Learning Center. Can an evolutionary fluke result in someone who is half man, half octopus? Find out how to get rid of mournful bleak and murky dumps with a miracle bean. It's all real. It's all true.

S1: Chapter Five: Luck

What does Optimism sound like? Meet Vuja De, the one who knows something good is about to have happened. She knows how to get to the luck plane. Proof that the Art of Ricochet is real, proven by Ricochet Masters like Brownboy Love. What happens to WHYMEEZ, those victims who look for someone to blame and go mad? World updates on attacks of giant lizards, herds of goats, and blood hornets. 

S1: Chapter Four: Dilemmas

Dixon Ticonderoga wakes up to find Dilemmas are massive bulls in an arena filled with spectators who want to bring him down. Hear the words of a six year old who is already a Black Belt in the Art of Ricochet thanks to MentalRadio training and got to Cloud Nine in the Seventh Heaven of Tickled Pink. You will learn Vocal Authority Training, how to speak with conviction whether you know anything about any topic. You'll join Guy Goode and Gabby in the darkest part of the Valley of Death, where they face a Tantrum at Devil's Anus. And how your EGO strengthens itself by complaining, and why being an Optimystical is not only necessary but is the only option.

S1: Chapter Three: Happiness

Discover that butterflies sing "This is my lucky Day" and what Happiness is and how you might find it buried under "Yeah-Buts." Learn about how 2020 is the beginning of the Great Ascension, and the benefits of becoming a "Black Belt in the Art of Ricochet.” Watch cans of Time-Released Mirth get triggered for a release of Spontaneous Optimism. You’ll realize the Optimysticals are real and have been among us since the dawn of creation. Experience Time-Released Mirth. Find out you're better than you think and happier than you knew.

S1: Chapter Two: Gloom

Proving MENTALRADIO is a jolt of lightning in the impending gloom, a hundred year old worldwide underground society explores the phenomenon of an all-pervasive gloom. Clearly the only answer lies in Tragic Optimism, but how many people know that? And how do we get there? This episode is the beginning.

S1: Chapter One: Optimism

Is it all completely real and impossible to believe, or some kind of 21st Century Theater. Could a conspiracy for some kind of Subversive Optimism dedicated to uplifting mankind really exist? A worldwide secret organization more than a 100 years old? Discover that Spontaneous Optimism is real in Chapter One.

Shadoe Stevens' "MentalRadio" is an elevating, uplifting escape into a world all its own; a Twilight Zone of innovation and genetically-altered humor. Coming from a former Masonic Temple in Hollywood, MentalRadio reveals a secret worldwide society dedicated to helping mankind. Its a theatrical, highly produced audio experience brimming with optimism.