Shadoe has just completed the giant "companion piece" to his earlier artwork "DOOMSDAY." This one called "HOPE," is also 10' x 5' canvas, gallery wrapped, with this separately framed description. There will also be an edition of smaller sizes available soon. This one is about everything that's right about the world and why there is every reason to be optimistic about the future. To see the work go towww.shadoeart.com It's there, complete with a "Map" / glossary page of descriptions and the meanings Read More

The recent show of Shadoe Stevens' art at "Galerie Michael" on Rodeo in Beverly Hills was so successful, the gallery has decided to continue to show and represent his work. Ask for Richard Rice, Lynne, or Sean when you visit, they are all quite enthused about and knowledgeable about all the pieces. The suite is called "The Trans-Dimensional Symbolism of Rocky Waters." Galerie Michael is at 224 Rodeo Drive in the little European shopping center at Wilshire and Rodeo in Beverly Hills. For more informa Read More

JAMES GILLILAND - eCETI Ranch, UFOs, the Hollow Earth, and the "Light Door"
This week it's Zen and Zombie Month on MentalRadio, we introduce you to the “Laugh that makes you laugh” and we're joined by James Gilliland from the "eCETI Ranch" and learn about UFOs and the Hollow Earth, the "Light Door" in Mount Adams and the well-endowed female Bigfoot Read More

LLOYD PYE - Mankind are the Slave Products of an Advanced Civilization
This week on MentalRadio Lloyd Pye talks about how he thinks Mankind is some galactic experiment and that we are the slave products of some advanced civilization that inhabited the earth millions of years ago. He also mentions the Little Blue Men who were shaped like fire plugs. Read More

MICHAEL CREMO - Proof: Man on Earth for Millions of Years
Michael Cremo, describes his theory of Devolution - and how there is proof that Man has been on the planet for millions of years. He says the evidence is there for all of us in the museums of the world and in discoveries by modern science, but society and organized religion make it difficult to discover. Hear it now in the podcast section at the top of the page. Read More

AUGUST BULLOCK - Subliminal Advertising going on All Around Us!
Is there SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING going on all around us? Attorney AUGUST BULLOCK thinks so and presents the evidence this week on MentalRadio and in his book, "The Secret Sales Pitch." He says that optical illusions have been embedded in mass media in order to secretly manipulate you since the 1950s. Read More

PAUL DAVIDS - Producer of the Movie "Roswell" and "Jesus in India"
The producer of the movie "Roswell" actually saw a flying saucer. Hear him this week on MentalRadio. He says "a larger percentage of PhDs believe in UFOs at Roswell than do folks with Master’s Degrees, so the statement that the more you are educated the less you believe in UFOs is erroneous." Paul Davids is not only a successful author, but also a filmmaker, poet, and musician. A really interesting guy. Read More

BRYAN DeFLORES - Visited by Extraterrestrials - Now an Artist on 63 other Planets
Bryan DeFlores was visited by aliens and grew two inches and two shoe sizes overnight. He's on MentalRadio this week. He's now an artist on 63 other planets. He tells us the whole story. You will love it. Read More

This week on MentalRadio, it's Dr. Dream herself, Kelly Sullivan Walden, author of the official dreamer’s dictionary, “I Had the Strangest Dream Last Night, the Dreamer’s Dictionary For the 21st Century." Read More

GINI GENTRY - "Dreaming Down Heaven"
This week it’s a High Impact Zen Field, Zenning in the Zentex, Transcendental Zen and Fresh Squeezed Zen Juice, as Zen & Zombie Days continue and we're joined by spiritual teacher Gini Gentry, author of the bestselling book, “Dreaming Down Heaven” and we talk about Toltec Teachings. Read More