JAMES GILLILAND - eCETI Ranch, UFOs, the Hollow Earth, and the "Light Door"

This week it's Zen and Zombie Month on MentalRadio, we introduce you to the “Laugh that makes you laugh” and we're joined by James Gilliland from the "eCETI Ranch" and learn about UFOs and the Hollow Earth, the "Light Door" in Mount Adams and the well-endowed female Bigfoot James happened upon in the woods near his ranch.

Here’s something you probably don’t know: it is illegal to have contact with aliens from another world! We report another good reason to celebrate, and send out a ripple into the universe and change the lives of everyone who experiences it for the better forever.

Plus, Daphne Van Horne's "Translations for the Urban Impaired" reports in from a rave, the "Electric Barf" in San Francisco. All this and more! 

All this and more Tomorrow, Tuesday at 9pm eastern - 6pm pacific on XM Channel 165 - and Wednesday in the Podcast section at the top of this page.