LLOYD PYE - Mankind are the Slave Products of an Advanced Civilization

This week on MentalRadio Lloyd Pye talks about how he thinks Mankind is some galactic experiment and that we are the slave products of some advanced civilization that inhabited the earth millions of years ago. He also mentions the Little Blue Men who were shaped like fire plugs. 

Pye is the author of books about the Starchild Skull found in a cave in Mexico in the 30s, explains how it's a skull with characteristics not of this world.

PLUS this week: Shadoe and Dr Freeze discuss the "new kind of humor" that isn't funny in any traditional sense and yet is somehow technically humor that comes back when you least expect it and gives you "Laugh Backs." 

There's a review of the visit of Daphne Van Horne's gorilla bodyguard Lawrence in the studio, and isolation mikes that captured every uncomfortable moment. Later, there's News on Parade and Daphne comes back to the studio for more Translations for the Urban Impaired.

All this and more Tomorrow, Tuesday at 9pm eastern - 6pm pacific on XM Channel 165 - and Wednesday in the Podcast section at the top of this page.