PAUL DAVIDS - Producer of the Movie "Roswell" and "Jesus in India"

The producer of the movie "Roswell" actually saw a flying saucer. Hear him this week on MentalRadio. 

He says "a larger percentage of PhDs believe in UFOs at Roswell than do folks with Masterís Degrees, so the statement that the more you are educated the less you believe in UFOs is erroneous." 

Paul Davids is not only a successful author, but also a filmmaker, poet, and musician. A really interesting guy.

He's also done movies about "Life After Death," "Jesus in India," and "Timothy Leary's Dead," and talks about something we all wonder: are spirits real and can you communicate with them? This is a conversation not to be missed.

Plus: The Fortune Fairy "Lil Zubi" flutters in to pick a Fortune for Humanity, and Daphne Van Horne's "Translations for the Urban Impaired" reports in from New Delhi, India.

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