This week on MentalRadio, it's Dr. Dream herself, Kelly Sullivan Walden, author of the official dreamerís dictionary, ďI Had the Strangest Dream Last Night, the Dreamerís Dictionary For the 21st Century."

Shadoe and Dr. Freeze talk about what all those crazy dreams mean. For instance, if you have a recurring dream where you eat your pillow and wake up to find a giant marshmallow is missing, what does that mean? After interpreting stuff about flying and breathing underwater, the guys and Kelly go for a walk around the grounds of the former Masonic Temple in Hollywood and Kelly gets to rub the shiny butt of the Rick Dees Memorial statue for good luck.

PLUS, on "Translations for the Urban Impaired," Daphne Van Horne brings her body guard Lawrence, a gorilla, into the studio with shocking consequences, and we review the mysteries of what seems to be a Brownboy Love conspiracy.

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