GINI GENTRY - "Dreaming Down Heaven"

This week it’s a High Impact Zen Field, Zenning in the Zentex, Transcendental Zen and Fresh Squeezed Zen Juice, as Zen & Zombie Days continue and we review Zombie movies like “Zombie Flesh Eaters Among Us.” 

Then, it’s “The Heidi Report” as “the flower of the Alps” does a report that’s “Translated for our friends in Brooklyn.” 

But wait, then we were graced by a visit from spiritual teacher Gini Gentry, author of the bestselling book, “Dreaming Down Heaven” and we talk about Toltec Teachings.

Then, Daphne Van Horne’s “Translations for the Urban Impaired” reports from Mumbai, India, Jim Ladd’s “Mental Radio Minute” tells us about ancient terms like Fandangles and the Chill of Confirmation, and we round out the hour with News on Parade, and some of the strangest stories you’ll ever hear.

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