MICHAEL CREMO - Proof: Man on Earth for Millions of Years
This week on MentalRadio: "the Forbidden Archaeologist," Michael Cremo, describes his theory of Devolution - and how there is proof that Man has been on the planet for millions of years. He says the evidence is there for all of us in the museums of the world and in discoveries by modern science, but society and organized religion make it difficult to discover. 
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 Cremo talks about astonishing evidence like East African footprints discovered that are indistinguishable from modern human footprints, but are 3 million 700,000 years old; and human bones found in northern Italy 4 million years old. 
PLUS, Daphne Van Horn's "Translations for the Urban Impaired" reports live from "TextFest 2012" in California, and Brownboy Love is found at a Supermodel Convention on Perky Nipple Bay on the island of Aruba. 
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