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Daphne Van Horne's Translations for the Urban Impaired
DAPHNE VAN HORNʼS...TRANSLATIONS FOR THE URBAN IMPAIRED... are translations for survival in an urban world...real words being used by real people in the real world of the 21st Century. Daphne travels in search of Urban Word, Terminology, and Graffiti Festivals all over the world and reports on the latest slang, lingo, jargon, patter, buzz words, street talk, and balderdash in use by todayʼs space-age-a- go-go, chic and not so chic.
Audio Selections:
1. Harlem is a Dutch Word
2. Upper West Side
3. Electric Barf - San Francisco
4. Pug Ugly Video Arcade - Acron, Ohio
5. Terminology Institute - New York City
6. Perky Nipple Bay, California
7. Trump Dubai
8. Mumbai, India
9. Calcutta, India
10. Bangalore, India
11. New Dehli, India
12. Daphne and Larry
13. Daphne and Lawrence
14. Daphne - Lawrence Goes After Dr. Freeze
15. Daphne - From Out of the Greenroom
16. Live from the Berkeley TextFest