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The Hollywood Minute
THE HOLLYWOOD MINUTE is a time when we take a look at Who's doing who, what's new, what's up, where it's at... and get mysterious revelations about the Hidden Empire beneath Hollywood with CORSAGE MONROE
Audio Selections:
Corsage Monroe - From the Ladies Room at Grauman's
Corsage Monroe 8-28-11
1. Corsage from the Walk of Fame
2. Corsage from Grauman's Ladies Room
3. Corsage and the Fatty Conspiracy
4. Corsage Reveals the Fatty-Murdock Connection
5. Corsage and Pentagram shaped Tunnels
6. Corsage and Stars Buried in the Tunnels
7. Corsage and the Re-Animation Chambers
8. Corsage and the Mystery of Buster Keaton
9. Corsage - Florescent Leeches
10. Corsage - Mystery Words