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Brownboy Love
BROWNBOY LOVE is a street philosopher who travels the world with nothing but the clothes on his back, trusting that the Universe will provide. He is interviewed by Shadoe and Charlie Midnight wherever they can find him all over the world. He is a Blackbelt in the Art of Ricochet) and says: "No Matter What Happens, You've Got to Bounce Back!" Strange things began to happen. Just as he was about to tell us the most important thing we'll ever hear, he gets hit by a bus. And then it got worse.
Audio Selections:
Brownboy Love 1 - Bus Stop and La Cieniga
Brownboy Love 2 - Bus Stop New York City
Brownboy Love 3 - Bus Stop Miami
Brownboy Love 4 - Bus Stop Bangkok
Brownboy Love 5 - Bus Stop Bombay
Brownboy Love 6 - Bus Stop Barcelona
Brownboy Love 7 - Bus Stop Somewhere Unknown
Brownboy Love 8 - Bus Stop Brazil
Brownboy Love 9 - African Game Reserve
Brownboy Love 10 - Australia Surfing
Brownboy Love 11 - Turin Italy Railway Station
Brownboy Love 12 - Hong Kong Stadium
Brownboy Love 13 - Madrid Bull Fight
Brownboy Love 14 - Possible Conspiracy Recap
Brownboy Love 15 - Park Avenue New York
Brownboy Love 16 - Conspiracy in New York
Brownboy Love 17 - Re-Create The Interview
Brownboy Love 18 - Aruba Supermodel Convention