Shadoe Stevens was the first program director of "World Famous" KROQ-FM. He created one of the first Alternative Rock formats in the country. As Vice President of Programming, he created a new music format that consisted of nothing but "cutting edge, exciting new music. As both PD and on-air personality, the "attitude" he developed, combined with this new musical "niche," resulted in astonishing acceptance in a very short time. Within 6 months it became a number one station. As a radio personality during this period, he won the Billboard Magazine Personality of the Year Award.

After leaving radio for the worlds of television and film, in 1988, he was offered the position of hosting American Top Forty. Casey Kasem left the show, and Shadoe became the new host for the next 6 years. During this time, it became the most successful and widely syndicated radio show in the world. It was broadcast in 120 countries to an estimated 1 billion listeners every week. His voice became one of the most recognizable voices in the world. At the same time, he appeared on Hollywood Squares, which for three years was a top 5 syndicated show. As a regular on the show, he became a household name. The show continued in successful syndication for another three years.

He starred in two network series for CBS, the Fred Silverman production "Loose Cannon," and for four years the Top 20 series "Dave's World" with Harry Anderson, Meshach Tayler, and DeLane Matthews.

He has frequently been a guest star on a wide range of hit TV series including: Beverly Hills 90210, Baywatch, The Larry Sanders Show, Caroline in the City, Clueless, Burke's Law, Fast Track, and Sonny Spoon (w/Mario Van Peebles).

As a voice-over artist, he has been the voice of Hollywood Squares, Comic Relief, the Grammy Awards, the Emmy Awards, and countless commercials. He is currently announcer for "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on CBS.

Born in Iceland, Sigurbjorg Freeze, as a young man, was seized with the spirit and dropped out to dedicate himself to the seminary. He was drawn back into the world by the scent of a woman. A Norwegian girl with a particularly ripe bouquet wafted by his study, humming Edvard Grieg's "Hall of the Mountain King," as bluebirds fluttered in her wake. The robust and pungent aroma crawled through the chapel window and Sig sat bolt upright. His two year affair with Luteh led to a renewed passion for living and he enrolled in The University of Iceland,renowned in the global scientific community for its research.

He developed a passion for education and funded his university work by selling whale oil as aphrodisiacs at raves in Ibiza. This went on for several years and he not only paid for his studies but made his first million.

He was fascinated by volcanoes and his insatiable hunger for knowledge led him into expeditions throughout the country. In few places on earth, geology and human history are so closely connected to volcanism as on Iceland. The island owns its existence to a large volcanic hot spot sitting on a mid-oceanic ridge, a unique setting.

First settled by Vikings in the 9th century AD, Iceland has the highest literacy rate (100%) of any nation in the world. Its history has always been closely related to volcanoes and knowledge of many volcanic eruptions since the middle ages are preserved in accounts. It was on one exploration into the tubes of the Hekla volcano that he happened upon spirals with hidden encryptions.

Back at the University, the codes were deciphered and the messages led him to Tierra del Fuego. He headed for the southern tip of South America. The ancient Pandemonium Tables came from that country and had long been hidden from mankind. Despite having several degrees, he realized his only hope of connecting with the secret societies was to be accepted in the society. Sigurbjorg changed his name to Sam and became a disc jockey.

For several fun-filled years on Radio Patagonia, he realized his dream and was initiated into a group whose name, even today, cannot be revealed. He received the initiation and carried new knowledge with him in secret to America, where he landed on the Rock of the 80s, KROQ-FM in Los Angeles. After eight years as a popular drive time personality, he left to explore other radio conquests, and finally left radio to go into the Oil Business.

This is where he was to receive his second windfall. With financial success he came to realize his ultimate life purpose, to bring Pandemonium to the world. He sought the creator of KROQ-FM, Shadoe Stevens, and revealed all that he knew. Being a scholar himself, Shadoe knew about Tesla's invention of wireless technology and Upton Sinclair's "Mental Radio" of the 1930s, but had no idea the ancient roots.

Together, Dr. Freeze and Shadoe set out to carry a message of hope and optimism to a world in fear with a ground breaking new approach to radio broadcasting. Based on the ancient principles of Vertical Pandemonium, and financed by Dr. Freeze and a select number of personal associates, Shadoe created a new dimension in audio. Broadcasts that actually change the chemistry of the brain and accelerate evolution ten lifetimes per listening. MENTALRADIO.

The rest, of course, is history.