WHY? There are more reasons to have Hope than to be depressed. MentalRadio is Buoyant Optimism in the face of the Unknown. It's Amazing Stories from the Outer Limits.

MENTALRADIO blurs the line between reality and imagination. It's interviews with some of the world's most interesting people and real radio theater: very funny, highly produced audio entertainment you won't find anywhere else. 

WHAT IS IT? "Mind-Expanding Talk"about Consciousness, the power of the mind, dreams, aliens, science, mystics, parallel dimensions, and fabricated information told with great sincerity and absolute conviction.

HOW LONG? It's designed to be daily, seven days a week - dedicated flaunting positive, feel-good-ideas with 21st Century Production, great personalities, and magnetic talk.

HOW? A creative assault on your sense of humor, rich with imagination, music, research, stories, interviews, and laughter. 

It's all about the limitless possibilities of life and endlessly hilarious, mysterious, and entertaining things that are taking place everywhere all around us.

WHO? Created and hosted by radio legend and television star, Shadoe Stevens - who had a billion listeners a week for seven years in 120 countries, has one of the most recognized voices in the world, and created for format for "World Famous KROQ-FM" in Los Angeles. 

Featuring co-host, Mentalogist and Elevation Expert, Dr. Freeze, it brings energy, humor and irreverence to topics typically talked about in earnest, hushed tones, and new age reverence.

Deepak Chopra, Art Bell, Wayne Dyer, and George Noory are all great. MENTALRADIO is nothing like any of them - unless they were performed by Monty Python.

MENTALRADIO brings to life the madness of the world with state of the art production, jingles, radio theater, unusual ideas, great stories, and genetically altered humor.

BRANDING, artwork, marketing materials, website and New Media components are every bit as original. Check out the pages of this site to see and hear highlights, articles, complete shows, columns, and totally original and hilarious features. You've never seen or heard anything quite like it. 

It's Stephen Hawking in a Clown Suit. It's a genius wrapped in an idiot driving a stolen sleigh full of Christmas. It's the audio equivalent of M.C. Escher's staircase and Salvadore Dali's crutches and clocks.

Specializing in Time-Released-Mirth - MENTALRADIO features a type of humor that doesn’t act like humor….that doesn’t actually make you laugh or even smile…and isn’t really funny in any traditional sense…and yet is somehow technically humor that lives and sends down roots in your cerebral cortex and begins to grow…virus-like…until, later on, when you least expect it, (like bad gas), you laugh for no reason and wonder why. That’s when you experience what is known as a Pandemonium “Laugh Back” …and here’s the funniest part…it might not ever happen.


Never before in history has so much, meant so little, to so many. But that is about to change. The Dumbing Up of America has begun, Chronic Talk guaranteed to make you feel better whether you want to or not.

Just when you thought no one cared comes, MENTALRADIO